An area which is often overlooked with solar carports is water management. Many carport suppliers leave gaps between the solar panels, which leads to dripping under the canopies when it rains or snow is melting. ISS uses proprietary gasket to fit between solar modules to overcome this problem, providing market leading weather protection from rain and snow melt. The gasket design includes a gap seal and cap, which covers cross sections at solar panel corners meaning optimum weatherproofing.


Now that your solar carport or structure is weatherproofed, the next part of water management which is also often overlooked is drainage. The large flat areas of the solar panels can lead to significant amounts of water during rain or snow melt going to places which existing site drainage cannot handle or was not designed for. The use of gasket on our structures enables water to be captured centrally, where it is then easier to handle and direct to where it needs to go. ISS will work with clients to ensure appropriate drainage solutions are designed and installed with our solar carports or other structures, to avoid any unforeseen water management issues.    


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