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High-quality workmanship and safety are critical to our mission. Our manufacturing partner has a team of highly-trained employees, and extensive manufacturing experience to ensure the production of high-quality structures. All of our structures comply with CWB safety certifications to ensure our clients’ peace of mind.

Z-Rail Technology


ISS has developed a robust solar panel mounting solution for carports and solar structures: a CSA-certified Z-Rail. The Z-Rail features include:

  • Quick and easy to mount: Customized to fit any structural or construction requirements. 

  • Reduced Costs: High strength-to-weight ratio and long span between posts, reducing material costs. The simple installation also reduces labour costs. 

  • Reduced Shading: Direct solar mounting minimizes underside shading on bi-facial solar panels, maximizing generation.

  • Wide Range of Sizes: Results in improved selection over hot-rolled sections. 

  • No Pre-drilling: The cladding can be attached using self-drilling tapping screws. All are delivered with pre-punch mounting holes based on module selection.

  • No Waste Cutting: The structures are cut to the custom length to minimize waste.

  • No Stocking: Built to order.  

  • All Hardware Included: Includes certified weebs, M6/M8 nuts and bolts, and ground clamps.

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