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Our Process

Solar carports & solar structures that are engineered and manufactured in Canada, with the highest certifications. From start to finish, ISS has you covered.



All ISS structures are engineered by our trusted third-party partners for local wind loading, snow loading and earth quake zones. We work with HelioScope™ to optimize our solar structures, from solar carports to solar shelters, solar parking lots & more.


Strict internal quality control and extensive warranties mean you can depend on high-performance installations.​​

All of our engineering partners that have third-party audits and training. We opt to work with local partners as much as possible.

The front-end engineering is the key stage of the project cycle, and we work closely with our clients to maintain project goals and keep within budget.


High-quality workmanship and safety are critical. Our manufacturing partner ensures the production of high-quality solar structures every time.


We work with a patented Z-Rail technology, which reduces shading, pre-drilling and costs. Learn more about it here.

Made in Canada and delivered globally, we comply with CWB safety certifications to ensure your peace of mind




We work with qualified installers, and can provide installation services upon request.


All of our solar structure products can be self-installed as well, with the help of our provided instruction manual. **This only applies to qualified clients.**


During project execution we support you with advice, guidance, and engineering support. We also maintain strategic relationships with our suppliers, including module suppliers, to secure you the best value on the market.


We supply the load requirements for our clients based on project location, regardless of soil conditions (sand, gravel, underground obstructions).


We coordinate with the end-user, the client and the engineering team in order to optimize the substructure solution and maximize the longevity of our solar carports and solar structures. 


Our substructure options include:

  • Helical piles

  • Driven piles

  • Concrete piers

  • Ballasted options

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