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Made in Canada

Purlins are the horizontal beam used for structural support on your solar structure or carport. ISS offers a variety of metal purlins to support your racking structure.


Support local manufacturers, reduce your shipping emissions, and save costs by purchasing your purlins from us!

ISS offers standard web sizes of 8”, 10” and 12”, and in various thickness and gauges. We customize the purlin to fit your needs, and can accommodate requests ranging from one thousand to one million linear feet. 

This is a great option for solar farms or solar parking lots, where cost reductions are top of mind. ISS will take care of the design, manufacturing and delivery to your site. By choosing ISS purlins, you will speed up your project timeline, support local, and save costs.

Certified Manufacturing

Our purlins are UL 2703 certified and are built to hold solar modules in both Canada and USA applications.


Per UL, "Proper grounding of a photovoltaic (PV) power system is critical to helping ensure electrical safety during its lifetime. PV equipment needs to be properly bonded, in addition to code-compliant grounding, so that the low current flows on metal parts can facilitate the operation of over current and ground-fault protection devices.

UL 2703, the Standard for Mounting Systems, Mounting Devices, Clamping/Retention Devices, and Ground Lugs for Use with Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels covers mounting systems, including mounting devices, clamping devices and ground lugs for use with photovoltaic modules and panels and contains requirements for ground- mounted and roof systems as part of a nonstructural building component."

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