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Our Commitment

ISS is joining the global movement towards net-zero. All ISS solutions drive renewable energy generation. Our end goal is to displace carbon-emitting sources and to minimize society’s carbon footprint.

Our main offerings are carports and solar structures that make use of under-utilized urban land (i.e. parking lots). This allows for LEED certification opportunities, and minimizes the encroachment on our vital urban and rural green spaces. We design the mounting of solar modules in a specialized format and tilt angle that maximizes year-round solar harvest. Our solar structures offer protection against heat, snow, hail, UV-damage and more. This maintains the longevity of vehicles and assets parked underneath. We can also outfit our structures with EV-charging capabilities, increasing the availability of charging stations, and providing clean energy for their consumption. Our solar structures equip municipalities, organizations, and individuals with financially viable, multi-faceted turn-key solutions that allow the generation of cheap, clean solar energy on-site.

We also look to serve local communities and support our local economy. As much as possible, we source our materials from local vendors, and work with highly-certified local partners to get the job done. Contact us for more information on our partners and  initiatives.


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As of 2022, ISS is a member of the Green Business Bureau. Our commitment to sustainability extends past developing Canada's growing solar industry, and into our business practices. We encourage a hybrid work environment for our employees, which cuts down on transportation emissions. We have also selected a highly energy efficient corporate building in which to house our workspace, minimizing the emissions lost to ambient building operations.

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