ISS works with only the highest performing caulking and sealants to waterproof gaps and joints to protect structures against environmental elements and structural movement.


Sealants account for approximately 1% of the new construction cost for a large building. Selecting and maintaining an adequate waterproofing system can mitigate significant repair costs while maintaining the useful life of the structure.

In partnership with Rooster Building Group, ISS structures are sealed and protected against water damage, chemicals, abrasions, extreme temperature changes, and UV rays. Rooster has access to a full range of technologies and systems used for above- and below-ground waterproofing: from highly flexible membrane systems to watertight concrete mixtures. Each solution is designed to meet specific client needs and requirements.

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For caulking and waterproofing between the modules, gapping at 5mm is very important.  If the gap is smaller, caulking may not bind as well and can bulge during the installation process. Not doing so can void the ISS warranty.


Drainage is an often overlooked part of the water management process. During heavy rain or snow melt, the large flat surfaces of the solar panels can cause significant volumes of water to flow to areas where the existing site drainage is insufficient.


The use of caulking on our structures enables water to be captured centrally, where it can be directed to the suitable outflow point. To avoid any unforeseen water management issues, ISS works with clients to ensure the appropriate drainage solutions are designed and installed on every solar carport or structure.