ISS has developed a sleek, new and robust solar panel mounting solution in the form of a CSA certified Z Rail for their carports and solar structures. This Z Rail brings two key advantages over other options on the market. It's simple and quick to install which reduces labour costs, and it allows the longest span between posts on the market which reduces material costs.

8" Z Rail


ISS Z Rail is quick and easy to mount, and can be adapted to all structural and construction conditions. All Z rails are delivered with pre-punch mounting holes based on module selection which in turn makes solar panel mounting simple, and the direct module connection to the Z Rail avoids any unnecessary back shading. All hardware is included in final product delivery, including certified weebs, M6/M8 nuts and bolts, and ground clamps.


Reduced Costs. The high strength to weight ratio makes this a very efficient flexural member and reducing overall material costs. Simple installation also reduces labour costs. 

Reduced Shading. Direct solar mounting minimizes underside shading on bi-facial solar panels to maximise generation.

Wide Range of Sizes. Results in improved selection over hot rolled sections. 

No Predrilling. Cladding can be attached using self drilling-self tapping screws.

No Waste Cutting. We supply cut to length.

No Stocking. We supply when you need.